Thank you for selecting us for your root canal therapy. Please follow the guidelines below and contact us with any questions.

1. For the next 30 minutes, do not eat or drink anything. You have a temporary filling that takes about 1/2 hour to harden. Please do not feel around your tooth with your tongue.

2. You may have been given a prescription for this soreness. If not, simply taking over-the-counter analgesics should control this discomfort. For patients not allergic to anti-inflammatory medications or aspirin, we recommend 2-3 Advil (Ibuprofen) every 4 hours or 2 Aleve (Naproxen Sodium) every 8-1 2 hours. For patients who can not take anti-inflammatories take 2 extra strength Tylenol every 4 hours. IT IS IMPORTANT NOT TO LET THESE MEDICATIONS WEAR OFF BETWEEN DOSES. THEY ARE MORE EFFECTIVE IF TAKEN CONSISTENTLY. These medications can be discontinued when there is no more discomfort. Typically 72 hours.

3. Sometimes antibiotics are prescribed to help control infection. Please take all medications as directed. PLEASE COMPLETE THE ENTIRE PRESCRIPTION AS INFECTION COULD OTH­ERWISE RECUR .

4. DO NOT CHEW ON THE SIDE OF THE MOUTH WHERE THE TOOTH IS BEING TREATED AT LEAST UNTIL THE COMPLETION OF ENDODONTIC THERAPY. Please be espe­ cially careful not to chew hard foods as they may irritate the area or can cause the tooth to crack. Please continue normal oral hygiene. Normal brushing will not harm the area.

5. If swelling occurs or worsens after 24 hours, please call the office the first thing in the morning. Place an ice pack on the affected area (20 minutes on/20 minutes off) . Rinse with warm salt water often.

6. After root canal therapy has been completed on your tooth, you should RETURN TO YOUR DENTIST to have the tooth restored. The tem­ porary filling placed in your tooth should be replaced by a permanent restoration in a timely manner. The temporary filling  can quickly loosen which  may  cause  reinfection of your tooth. We can not be responsible for treatment failures due  to  delayed  placement of permanent restorations.

7. It is rare for a temporary filling to fall out although it may divot while in use. If the temporary falls out please contact your general dentist as soon as possible. If your temporary falls out after office hours you may purchase some temporary filling material from most pharmacy’s and follow the included instructions.

8. Some discomfort following the root canal is normal for several days after the treatment. In some cases the tooth and surrounding tissue may be sore for a few weeks following the treatment.

9. Normal brushing and flossing are okay, unless otherwise specified by your doctor. Follow any other instructions provided by the office on your visit. Please take all medications as prescribed.



If any unusual problem should occur during the course of endodontic treatment or if pain medications prescribed are not controlling your pain, please call the office. After usual office hours, follow the instructions on the answering machine and your call will be returned as soon as possible. A touch tone phone is necessary to activate our paging system. PLEASE BE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR PHONE NUMBER.  PLEASE DO NOT CALL AFTER 11 :00 PM UNLESS THERE IS A SEVERE EMERGENCY.